BMW ECU Remapping

Our technology has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years, it is now possible to remap your BMW directly though the vehicles standard diagnostic port. Using this diagnostic port we can covertly access the engines software memory chip and reprogram it with tuned software optimized for the maximum power your engine will safely handle.

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BMW 1 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 116i 1151151215019Petrol
BMW 116i 1211211516020Petrol
BMW 118d 1221223128050Diesel
BMW 118d 1431433530060Diesel
BMW 118i 1291291518020Petrol
BMW 118i 1431431519020Petrol
BMW 120d 1631633034060Diesel
BMW 120d 1771773135060Diesel
BMW 120i 1501501520020Petrol
BMW 120i 1701701521020Petrol
BMW 123d 2042043540050Diesel
BMW 125i 2182183527050Petrol
BMW 130i 2652651531520Petrol
BMW 135i 3063064540065Petrol

BMW 3 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 316i 100 (E30)100714116Petrol
BMW 318i 113 (E30)1131316218Petrol
BMW 320i 129 (E30)1291116418Petrol
BMW 324TD 115 (E30)1152422044Diesel
BMW 325i 170 (E30)1701622221Petrol
BMW M3 195 (E30)1951523022Petrol
BMW 316i 102 (E36)102915018Petrol
BMW 318 TDS 90 (E36)902319065Diesel
BMW 318 TDS Compact 90 (E36)902319065Diesel
BMW 318i 115 (E36)1151216819Petrol
BMW 318is 140 (E36)1401117523Petrol
BMW 320i 129 (E36)1291116418Petrol
BMW 320i 24V 150 (E36)1501319022Petrol
BMW 323i 170 (E36)1701224527Petrol
BMW 325 TD 115 (E36)1152624543Diesel
BMW 325 TDS 143 (E36)1433226060Diesel
BMW 325i 170 (E36)1701622221Petrol
BMW 325i 192 (E36)1921424535Petrol
BMW 328i 193 (E36)1931828020Petrol
BMW M3 3.0 286 (E36)2861932020Petrol
BMW M3 3.2i 321 (E36)3211935032Petrol
BMW M3 3.2i Coupe 321 (E36)3211935032Petrol
BMW 316i 105 (E46)1051016518Petrol
BMW 316i 115 (E46)1151217520Petrol
BMW 318ci 143 (E46)1431520020Petrol
BMW 318ci 150 (E46)1501319022Petrol
BMW 318d 116 265nm (E46)1163026565Diesel
BMW 318d 116 280nm (E46)1162828060Diesel
BMW 318i 118 (E46)1181218020Petrol
BMW 320d 136 (E46)1363228068Diesel
BMW 320d 150 (E46)1503333060Diesel
BMW 320i 150 (E46)1501319022Petrol
BMW 320i 170 (E46)1701521020Petrol
BMW 323ci 170 (E46)1701824525Petrol
BMW 325i 192 (E46)1921624525Petrol
BMW 328i 193 (E46)1931128032Petrol
BMW 330d 184 (E46)1842839060Diesel
BMW 330d 204 (E46)2043041060Diesel
BMW 330i 231 (E46)2311530025Petrol
BMW M3 343 (E46)3432036530Petrol
BMW M3 CSL 360 (E46)3602537025Petrol
BMW M3 GTR 350 (E46)3507036565Petrol
BMW 316i E90 1221221216014Petrol
BMW 318d E90 1221222528050Diesel
BMW 318d E90 1431433530060Diesel
BMW 318i E90 1291291218020Petrol
BMW 318i E90 1431431519020Petrol
BMW 320d E90 150 (Fleet)1504033060Diesel
BMW 320d E90 1631632734060Diesel
BMW 320d E90 1771773135060Diesel
BMW 320i E90 1501501220025Petrol
BMW 320i E90 1701701521020Petrol
BMW 320si E90 1731731520018Petrol
BMW 323i E90 1771771223020Petrol
BMW 325d E90 1971973040055Diesel
BMW 325i E90 2182181525028Petrol
BMW 330d E90 2312313650060Diesel
BMW 330d E90 24524537520240Diesel
BMW 330i E90 2582582030025Petrol
BMW 330i E90 2722721532020Petrol
BMW 335d E90 2862862758050Diesel
BMW 335i E90 3063064540065Petrol
BMW M3 E90 4204202540028Petrol

BMW 5 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 5er E34 518i 1151151216818Petrol
BMW 5er E34 520 1291291416418Petrol
BMW 5er E34 520 1501501419022Petrol
BMW 5er E34 524 TD 1151152622043Diesel
BMW 5er E34 525 TD 1151152624543Diesel
BMW 5er E34 525 TDS 1431433228060Diesel
BMW 5er E34 525i 1701701522225Petrol
BMW 5er E34 525i 24V 1921921524537Petrol
BMW 5er E34 530i 1881881826042Petrol
BMW 5er E34 530i V8 E 2182182429030Petrol
BMW 5er E34 535i 2112112032020Petrol
BMW 5er E34 540 2862862040038Petrol
BMW 5er E34 M5 3.6 3153152936030Petrol
BMW 5er E34 M5 3.8 3403401740032Petrol
BMW 5er E39 520d 1361363228068Diesel
BMW 5er E39 520i 1701701521020Petrol
BMW 5er E39 523i 1701701724527Petrol
BMW 5er E39 525 TDS 1431432928070Diesel
BMW 5er E39 525d 1631632835060Diesel
BMW 5er E39 525i 1921921624525Petrol
BMW 5er E39 528i 1931931128032Petrol
BMW 5er E39 530d 1841842839060Diesel
BMW 5er E39 530d 1931932841070Diesel
BMW 5er E39 530i 2312311530025Petrol
BMW 5er E39 535i 2452451534525Petrol
BMW 5er E39 540i 2862862244030Petrol
BMW 5er E39 M5 5.0 4004002050025Petrol
BMW 520d 163 (E60)1632734060Diesel
BMW 520d 177 (E60)1773135060Diesel
BMW 520i 170 (E60)1701221020Petrol
BMW 523i 177 (E60)1771223020Petrol
BMW 523i 190 (E60)1901524020Petrol
BMW 525d 177 (E60)1773040060Diesel
BMW 525d 197 (E60)1973040055Diesel
BMW 525i 192 (E60)1921924520Petrol
BMW 525i 218 (E60)2181525028Petrol
BMW 530d 218 (E60)2183050060Diesel
BMW 530d 231 (E60)2313050060Diesel
BMW 530d 235 (E60)2353050060Diesel
BMW 530i 258 (E60)2581230020Petrol
BMW 530i 272 (E60)2721532020Petrol
BMW 535d 272(E60)2724156070Diesel
BMW 535d 286 (E60)2862758050Diesel
BMW 540i 306 (E60)3063039040Petrol
BMW 545i 333 (E60)3332045025Petrol
BMW 550i 367 (E60)3672049030Petrol
BMW M5 507 (E60)5072152030Petrol

BMW 6 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 630i 258 (E63)2582030025Petrol
BMW 630i 272 (E63)2721532020Petrol
BMW 635d 286 (E63)2863058055Diesel
BMW 645CI 333 (E63)3332045025Petrol
BMW 650CI 367 (E63)3672049030Petrol
BMW M6 507 (E63)5072852030Petrol

BMW 7 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 730i 188 (E32)1881826030Petrol
BMW 730i V8 218 (E32)2182329035Petrol
BMW 735 211 (E32)2112032020Petrol
BMW 740 286 (E32)2862040040Petrol
BMW 750 300 (E32)3002145030Petrol
BMW 725 TDS 143 (E38)1433228065Diesel
BMW 728i 193 (E38)1931428032Petrol
BMW 730d 184 (E38)1842839060Diesel
BMW 730d 193 (E38)1932841070Diesel
BMW 730i 218 (E38)2182329033Petrol
BMW 735i 238 (E38)2381534527Petrol
BMW 740d 245 (E38)2452956070Diesel
BMW 740i (4.0l) 286 (E38)2862040040Petrol
BMW 740i (4.4l) 286 (E38)2861844020Petrol
BMW 750i 326 (E38)3262549035Petrol
BMW 730d 218 (E65)2183050065Diesel
BMW 730d 231 (E65)2313052050Diesel
BMW 730i 23 (E65)2312330018Petrol
BMW 730i 258 (E65)2582030025Petrol
BMW 735i 272 (E65)2722836025Petrol
BMW 740d 259 (E65)2593060060Diesel
BMW 740i 306 (E65)3063039040Petrol
BMW 745d 330 (E65)3304575090Diesel
BMW 745i 333 (E65)3333345010Petrol
BMW 750i 367 (E65)3671549025Petrol
BMW 760i 445 (E65)4454460040Petrol

BMW 8 Series

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW 840 CI 4.0 286 (E31)2862040040Petrol
BMW 840 CI 4.4 286 (E31)2862044025Petrol
BMW 850 CI 326 (E31)3263549040Petrol
BMW 850 CSI 380 (E31)3803255040Petrol
BMW 850i 300 (E31)3002245030Petrol

BMW Z Roadster

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW Coupe Z3 2.8 1931931828030Petrol
BMW Coupe Z3 3.0 2312311530025Petrol
BMW Z1 Roadster 2.5 1701701622218Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 1.8 1151151216817Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9 1181181118016Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 2.0 1501501619020Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 2.8 1931931128030Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 3.0 2312311530025Petrol
BMW Z3 Roadster 3.2 M3 3213211835030Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 2.0i 1501501220025Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 2.2i 1701701521025Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 2.5i 1771771523020Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 2.5i 1921921824520Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 2.5si 2182181725020Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i 2312312030030Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0si 2652652231530Petrol
BMW Z4 Roadster M 3433432036530Petrol
BMW Z8 Roadster 5.0i 4004002050025Petrol


Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW X3 2.0d 1501503333060Diesel
BMW X3 2.0d 1771773135060Diesel
BMW X3 2.0i 1501501820020Petrol
BMW X3 2.5i 1921921924512Petrol
BMW X3 2.5si 2182181525028Petrol
BMW X3 3.0d 2042043041060Diesel
BMW X3 3.0d 2182183050065Diesel
BMW X3 3.0i 2312312330030Petrol
BMW X3 3.0sd 2862863058055Diesel
BMW X3 3.0si 2722721531529Petrol


Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW X5 3.0d 184 (E53)1843041080Diesel
BMW X5 3.0d 218(E53)2183050065Diesel
BMW X5 3.0i 231(E53)2311530025Petrol
BMW X5 4.4i 286(E53)2861944035Petrol
BMW X5 4.4i 320(E53)3201544025Petrol
BMW X5 4.6is 347(E53)3471348035Petrol
BMW X5 4.8is 360(E53)3603650040Petrol
BMW X5 3.0d 235(E70)2353052060Diesel
BMW X5 3.0sd 286(E70)2863058055Diesel
BMW X5 3.0si 272(E70)2721531530Petrol
BMW X5 4.8i 355(E70)3553547540Petrol


Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
BMW X6 xDrive 30d 2352353552065Diesel
BMW X6 xDrive 35d 2862863858070Diesel
BMW X6 xDrive 35i 3063062840070Petrol
BMW X6 xDrive 50i 4074082860070Petrol