Mercedes Benz ECU Remapping

Our technology has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years, it is now possible to remap your Mercedes directly though the vehicles standard diagnostic port. Using this diagnostic port we can covertly access the engines software memory chip and reprogram it with tuned software optimized for the maximum power your engine will safely handle.

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Mercedes C Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes C 280 2312311630023Petrol
Mercedes C 30 AMG CDI 2312313054050Diesel
Mercedes C 32 AMG 3543542045035Petrol
Mercedes C 320 CDI 2242243041560Diesel
Mercedes C 350 2722722535035Petrol
Mercedes C 55 AMG 3673671951022Petrol
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 160 Kompressor 1221221519020Petrol
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 180 Kompressor 1431433022040Petrol
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 200 CDI 1221223027055Diesel
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 200 Kompressor 1631632024030Petrol
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 220 CDI 1501503034055Diesel
Mercedes Sportcoupe C 230 2042041624525Petrol

Mercedes C Class (+07)

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes C 180 Kompressor 156(+07)1561823025Petrol
Mercedes C 200 CDI 136(+07)1363027060Diesel
Mercedes C 200 Kompressor 184(+07)1841825025Petrol
Mercedes C 220 CDI 170(+07)1703040055Diesel
Mercedes C 230 204(+07)2041724525Petrol
Mercedes C 280 231(+07)2311630023Petrol
Mercedes C 320 CDI 224(+07)2243551065Diesel
Mercedes C 350 272(+07)2722535035Petrol

Mercedes CL Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes CL 55 AMG 3603604070050Petrol
Mercedes CL 55 AMG Kompressor 5005005070060Petrol
Mercedes CL 65 AMG 500612881000100Petrol
Mercedes CL 500E 3063062546030Petrol
Mercedes CL 600 500 Biturbo50080800100Petrol
Mercedes CL 63 AMG 525(+06)5253863045Petrol
Mercedes CL 65 AMG 612(+06)612381000-900Petrol
Mercedes CL 500 388(+06)3882553040Petrol

Mercedes CLK Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes CLK 200 136(-02)1361219015Petrol
Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor 163(-02)1633023045Petrol
Mercedes CLK 230 Kompressor 193(-02)1933528048Petrol
Mercedes CLK 320 218(-02)2181331027Petrol
Mercedes CLK 430 279(-02)2792140025Petrol
Mercedes CLK 55 AMG 347(-02)3473051030Petrol
Mercedes CLK 200 CGI 170(+02)1701225015Petrol
Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor 163(+02)1633024045Petrol
Mercedes CLK 220 CDI 150(+02)1503334055Diesel
Mercedes CLK 240 163(+02)1631724020Petrol
Mercedes CLK 270 CDI 170(+02)1703340070Diesel
Mercedes CLK 280 231(+02)2311630023Petrol
Mercedes CLK 320 218(+02)2181331027Petrol
Mercedes CLK 320 CDI 224(+02)2243041560Diesel
Mercedes CLK 350 272(+02)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes CLK 500 306(+02)3063046030Petrol
Mercedes CLK 55 AMG 367(+02)3673051030Petrol

Mercedes CLS Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes CLS 320 CDI 2242243051060Diesel
Mercedes CLS 350 2722722535035Petrol
Mercedes CLS 500 8V 3063062546035Petrol
Mercedes CLS 500 8V 3883882553040Petrol
Mercedes CLS 55 AMG 4764763570045Petrol
Mercedes CLS CGI 2922921536520Petrol

Mercedes E Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes E 230 150(-97)1501522020Petrol
Mercedes E 280 193(-97)1931927025Petrol
Mercedes E 500 320(-97)3203224040Petrol
Mercedes E 200 CDI 102 bis 99(+97)10249235113Diesel
Mercedes E 200 CDI 115 ab 00(+97)11649250110Diesel
Mercedes E 200i 136(+97)1361219015Petrol
Mercedes E 220 CDI 125 bis 99(+97)1252630048Diesel
Mercedes E 220 CDI 143 ab 00(+97)1432231545Diesel
Mercedes E 270 CDI 170(+97)17032370113Diesel
Mercedes E 290 TD 129(+97)1292830065Diesel
Mercedes E 300 TD 177(+97)1772833048Diesel
Mercedes E 320 224(+97)2241531520Petrol
Mercedes E 320 CDI 197(+97)1972547050Diesel
Mercedes E 420 279(+97)2791243325Petrol
Mercedes E 430 279(+97)2791240015Petrol
Mercedes E 500 347(+97)3473048030Petrol
Mercedes E 55 354(+97)3541053013Petrol
Mercedes E 200 CDI 122 ab 03(+02)1223027050Diesel
Mercedes E 200 Kompressor 163(+02)1631523020Petrol
Mercedes E 220 CDI 150 ab 03(+02)1502534055Diesel
Mercedes E 240 177(+02)1771222520Petrol
Mercedes E 270 CDI 177 ab 03(+02)1773040070Diesel
Mercedes E 280 231(+02)2311430020Petrol
Mercedes E 280 CDI 204(+02)1774142575Diesel
Mercedes E 320 CDI 224(+02)2243851070Diesel
Mercedes E 350 272(+02)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes E 400 CDI 260(+02)2603056050Diesel
Mercedes E 430 279(+02)2792440023Petrol
Mercedes E 500 306(+02)3062546035Petrol
Mercedes E 55 AMG 476(+02)4763570045Petrol
Mercedes E3 20 CDI 204(+02)2043650070Diesel
Mercedes E 200 CDI 136(+06)1363234065Diesel
Mercedes E 200 Kompressor 184(+06)1841825025Petrol
Mercedes E 220 CDI 170(+06)1703540070Diesel
Mercedes E 280 231(+06)2311430020Petrol
Mercedes E 280 CDI 190(+06)1903540070Diesel
Mercedes E 320 CDI 224(+06)2243554065Diesel
Mercedes E 350 272(+06)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes E 420 CDI 314(+06)3143273065Diesel
Mercedes E 500 388(+06)3882553040Petrol
Mercedes E 63 AMG 514(+06)5143363045Petrol

Mercedes G Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes G 270 CDI 1561563040070Diesel
Mercedes G 300 TD 1771772833042Diesel
Mercedes G 320 2152151330017Petrol
Mercedes G 400 CDI 2502503556060Diesel
Mercedes G 500 2962962045630Petrol
Mercedes G-Class 320 CDI 2242243054060Diesel

Mercedes GL Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes GL 320 CDI 2242243551065Diesel
Mercedes GL 420 CDI 3063063470070Diesel
Mercedes GL 450 3403402546020Petrol
Mercedes GL 500 3883883253040Petrol

Mercedes ML Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes ML 230(-05)1501522020Petrol
Mercedes ML 270 CDI 163(-05)1633537090Diesel
Mercedes ML 320 218(-05)2181431028Petrol
Mercedes ML 350 235(-05)2351234515Petrol
Mercedes ML 400 CDI 250(-05)2503556070Diesel
Mercedes ML 400 CDI 250(-05)2503556060Diesel
Mercedes ML 430 272(-05)2722539035Petrol
Mercedes ML 500 292(-05)2922044030Petrol
Mercedes ML 55 AMG(-05)3673051030Petrol
Mercedes ML 280 CDI 190(+05)1903344070Diesel
Mercedes ML 320 CDI 224(+05)2243651065Diesel
Mercedes ML 350 272(+05)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes ML 420 CDI 306(+05)3064970090Diesel
Mercedes ML 500 388(+05)3882553040Petrol
Mercedes ML 63 AMG 510(+05)5103863045Petrol

Mercedes R Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes R 280 CDI 1901903344070Diesel
Mercedes R 320 CDI 2242243051060Diesel
Mercedes R 350 2722722535035Petrol
Mercedes R 500 3063063046030Petrol
Mercedes R 63 AMG 5105103063030Petrol

Mercedes S Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes S 300(-99)2312031020Petrol
Mercedes S 300 TD 177(-99)1772833042Diesel
Mercedes S 320 224 bis 98(-99)2241331623Petrol
Mercedes S 350 TD(-99)1503031060Diesel
Mercedes S 430 279 bis 98(-99)2792240022Petrol
Mercedes S 600 394(-99)3942057030Petrol
Mercedes S 320 224(+99)2241331623Petrol
Mercedes S 320 CDI 197(+99)1973647090Diesel
Mercedes S 320 CDI 204(+99)2043050070Diesel
Mercedes S 350 245(+99)2451235017Petrol
Mercedes S 400 CDI 279(+99)2792240022Diesel
Mercedes S 430 279(+99)2792240022Petrol
Mercedes S 500 306(+99)3062546035Petrol
Mercedes S 55 AMG 612(+99)612381000100Petrol
Mercedes S 600 500(+99)5001580020Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 320 CDI 235(+05)2353654065Diesel
Mercedes S-Class S 350 272(+05)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 420 CDI 320(+05)3204573090Diesel
Mercedes S-Class S 450 340(+05)3401846025Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 500 388(+05)3882253030Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 600 517(+05)5174083055Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 63 AMG 525(+05)5253863045Petrol
Mercedes S-Class S 65 AMG 612(+05)612851000100Petrol

Mercedes SL Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes SL 280 2042041327020Petrol
Mercedes SL 300 2312312727221Petrol
Mercedes SL 320 2242241231515Petrol
Mercedes SL 500 3063061046015Petrol
Mercedes SL 500 3263262146030Petrol
Mercedes SL 600 3943941557020Petrol
Mercedes SL 350 245(+01)2452535030Petrol
Mercedes SL 500 306(+01)3062546035Petrol
Mercedes SL 55 AMG 500(+01)5003070040Petrol
Mercedes SL 600 500(+01)5003580050Petrol
Mercedes SL 65 AMG 612(+01)612381000100Petrol

Mercedes SLK Class

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes SLK 200 1361361219015Petrol
Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor 1631633023040Petrol
Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor 1931933028050Petrol
Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor 1971973028050Petrol
Mercedes SLK 32 AMG 3543542045030Petrol
Mercedes SLK 320 2182182031030Petrol
Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor 1.8 163(+04)1632024030Petrol
Mercedes SLK 280 231(+04)2311430020Petrol
Mercedes SLK 350 V6 272(+04)2722535035Petrol
Mercedes SLK 55 AMG 360(+04)3602851035Petrol

Mercedes Sprinter

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes Sprinter 208 CDI 82822520050Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter 210 1021023822060Petrol
Mercedes Sprinter 211 CDI 1091093027050Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter 212 1221222528040Petrol
Mercedes Sprinter 220 CDI 1291293030050Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter 270 CDI 1561563033050Diesel

Mercedes Sprinter II

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes Sprinter II 3.5 V6 (224/324/424/524)2582034025Petrol
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 88 (209/309/409/509)883022065Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 109 (211/311/411/511)1092928060Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 129 (213/313/413/513)1293030555Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 150 (215/315/415/515)1503333060Diesel
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 184 (218/318/418/518)1842740065Diesel

Mercedes Vaneo

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes Vaneo 160 CDI 75752616050Diesel
Mercedes Vaneo 170 CDI 91912718050Diesel

Mercedes Viano

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes Viano 2.2 CDI 1091093027050Diesel
Mercedes Viano 2.2 CDI 1161162829060Diesel
Mercedes Viano 2.2 CDI 1501503033050Diesel
Mercedes Viano 3.0 CDI 2042044144055Diesel

Mercedes Vito

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mercedes Vito 108 CDI 82(-03)822920068Diesel
Mercedes Vito 110 CDI 102(-03)1023825070Diesel
Mercedes Vito 112 CDI 122(-03)1222930047Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 109 2,2 88(+03)882524050Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 109 2,2 95(+03)952525055Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 111 2,2 109(+03)1092527050Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 111 2,2 116(+03)1162829060Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 115 2,2 150(+03)1503033060Diesel
Mercedes Vito CDI 115 3,0 150(+03)2043244060Diesel
Mercedes Vito 119 190(+03)1901227015Petrol
Mercedes Vito 123 231(+03)2311534520Petrol
Mercedes Vito 126 258(+03)2581834025Petrol